Adult Scoliosis : All you need to know

Scoliosis in adults, also called degenerative scoliosis , usually occurs after the age of 65 . This is a curvature in the spine caused by the deterioration in its joints.

Why scoliosis occurs in adults
The main reason for scoliosis in adults, as I said, is the progressive wear of the joints. It sometimes accompanies osteoarthritis or arthritis and occurs in the smaller joints of the spine.
The joints press on the spine and cause deformation in it.

Is Scoliosis Painful In Adults?
This problem most often causes pain to those affected, but the disease is sometimes completely asymptomatic . The pain is due to an inflammation of the joints, not a spinal deformity.
The pain is similar to that of osteoarthritis. In addition, they may be accompanied by numbness and punctures in the lower back as well as weakness in the lower extremities.
The pain gradually increases over time and increases after physical activity . It is morning and if you do not rest more intensely. Pain increases when standing or walking. This is because, in these postures, the blood stretches along the nerve endings, and blood circulation is easier when sitting and relieves pain. #

What are the treatment options for scoliosis in adults?

Treating this type of scoliosis is primarily about relieving pain and giving strength and flexibility to the spine. The most common methods are:
Medication . Most often, your doctor will prescribe medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen to relieve pain and inflammation of the joints.
Epidural injections . This type of injection is said to deliver medication to the affected area, stop inflammation, and numb the part of the spine where the pain is felt.
Physiotherapy . In order to strengthen the back, relieve pain and give the affected area flexibility, there are various physiotherapies that are very suitable for this purpose, such as physiotherapy, which strengthens the muscles and joints of the affected area. In-water therapies are also very helpful in improving joint function and strengthening the muscles involved.
Chiropractic . This technique is a great help for people with scoliosis as it helps them readjust the affected area to improve joint mobility and relieve pain.
Surgery . It is true that it is not the most common technique. But sometimes, when the most conservative methods don't work, it may be necessary to resort to surgery, especially to relieve pain and improve the patient's quality of life.
In the event of an illness, the most important thing is to put yourself in the hands of a doctor who can study the case thoroughly and recommend the best treatment. So if you have scoliosis, don't give up but act.
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